Movie Review: The Heat

by Cait

So you remember how I said I love writing and books and all that jazz? I love movies just marginally less, but basically the same amount. They’re moving books for heaven’s sake! For as long as I can remember movies have been a part of my life. I remember going to the Lion King when I was about 3, and just loving the whole shebang. Of course it was probably just the fact that the screen was big and the music was loud, but I think most would agree that a movie theater is in some ways an escape, a getaway of sorts. Our family wasn’t exactly rollin’ in the moolah back in my childhood days, but movies were an affordable way for us to go out and do something together.

As I grew up I found that those shared moments in the movie theater may not have been the most interactive of outings my parents could have concocted. However, we always had something to chat about later in the evening, something in common. Also, I always felt that my parents sharing those outings with my me and my brother were there way of treating us as their companions rather than their children if only for a short while. I loved that. I still do.

Sooooo. After that drawn out memory of the movies, I will move on to today’s topic which is a movie review! Being a lover of movies it only makes sense that I would want to share my thoughts on ones I love and those I hold disdain for. Right? Right. Which brings us to The Heat.

the heat


I know that this film is supposed to be described as a paunchy comedy that happens to have female stars, but we all know it’s about girl power, and getting shit accomplished as a strong and independent woman. However, it is both, and it is freaking hilarious. Sandra Bullock (who I love) has less creative humor than Melissa McCarthy (quickly becoming a favorite!) whose lines are spot on, but she was still a great pick for her character. She was totally into it, and I really enjoyed her moments. On McCarthy,  I could have done without some of her f-bombs, but the timing and expressions she had were just…good. Damn good. I knew of McCarthy from her role in Bridesmaids, and I am just so happy she decided to reprise a similar role. She has the chops and did both films amazingly.

However, this review is about The Heat so I will press on toward the brunt of my subject today. Sarah Ashburn is a by the book and mostly hated FBI agent sent to work with completely crazy Brooklyn cop Shannon Mullins on a dangerous drug case. The combination of their law philosophies proves completely off-beat and completely hilarious. Go see it. I had a migraine throughout the second half of the movie and pressed on simply because I was enjoying myself too much to leave.

side note: the actor who plays Biff in Back to the Future is in it! Who doesn’t want to see that guy? No one. That’s who.

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.