Birthday Week/Halloween

by Cait

I have a sort of obsession with Halloween. I guess you could say I love it with all my heart. This is great for me because my birthday happens to fall the day before the actual holiday! Each year I gorge on candy, dress up in as many costumes as I can afford, and just have a generally great time. This year I have been a nerd and a Ninja Turtle thus far, and I think I may be super girl later in the week.  I turn 22 on Wednesday and despite the fact that this is a pretty adult age, I am still just as psyched to do some intense make-up and fun character dressing up as I have ever been. I hope you all have a great Halloween! Eat candy and dress up!


{Michelangelo never looked so good! Am I right?!}

{My roomies and I at our college’s Halloween social.}


{Nerd and hippie at a costume party in Lawrence.}

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.