Television Convert

by Cait

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I haven’t always been a TV fan. I used to watch the Thursday night line-up with my parents on NBC: Seinfeld, Friends, ER. But it took until my junior year of college to really get into any semblance of a television routine. I use the term routine loosely, I basically watched The Vampire Diaries on Netflix in between classes when I was studying abroad. Yeah, I guess you could say I’m just unable to schedule my life around a television schedule. Not that I’m pissed about that. Frankly, I’m pretty proud of it. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite shows.

The Vampire Diaries – It is the show that convinced me that weekly television is something to consider. Also, it’s sexy…like really sexy. Don’t let that be your selling point though. The storyline is interesting and usually has fun plot twists. Plus, looking at Nini Dobrev and Kat Graham will remind you of how homely normal people are. (aka you)

How I Met Your Mother – My most recent obsession. Words are not enough. I am obsessed. Sadly, a guy I’m not really into anymore is the one who introduced me to this gem. I guess something good came of that situation. Also, favorite quote so far:

“The flame of our relationship is flickering and if I pee all over it might go out forever!” – Lily, How I Met Your Mother

The Office – Does this one even need an explanation? I love ALL of the actors in this show. Steve Carrell and his ability to make me happy, makes me…happy? Yeah basically. Also, everyone needs to know that it is in fact better than the British version. Let the backlash from that statement begin!

The Hills – Okay, this one I’m a little ashamed of. I can’t help it though! It’s just like, young LC, Lo, Heidi pre-surgery, and crazy ass Spencer Pratt, along with brunette oddball Audrina; can you ask for more? I guess I should show some respect for her being the only one on the show with an even seemingly natural hair color. Anyways, who hasn’t used this awesome line on somebody who just needed to get the heck out of your life?:

“I wanna forgive you…and I wanna forget you.” – Lauren Conrad, The Hills 

A few more that didn’t make the Big 4: Skins, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Lizzie McGuire (I know, I’m embarrassed for myself.)

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.