It’s going down…

by Cait

I’m yelling…Tinder?

What is this app, and why has it got college kids and recent graduates scrambling to swipe left and right? Well, I’ll tell you.

Want to know if there are any hot guys that want to hit on you in the crudest ways imaginable? Tinder.

Want to explore a new “Catfish” platform? Tinder.

Want to meet “charming, intelligent, totally unlike other guys” guys who are exactly like every other guy you’ve ever met? Tinder. (excuse the excessive use of the word “guy,” but I think I got my point across.)

Do you want to simultaneously build up your self-confidence and destroy it with the purchase of an app that costs you nothing? You guessed it, Tinder.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.23.10 PM


This little slice of software offered up by GooglePlay and Apple’s app store is used to bring people together in a way they may never have thought possible. And guess what! There isn’t a stigma because let’s be honest, eHarmony and which actually connect people in ways a little more complex and worthwhile than an app based COMPLETELY on looks and approximately 19 word bios, are infinitely more lame. Yeah, application speed-dating makes much more sense…at least for some people anyway.

How does that make sense again?

I have been sucked into this little world. I’m not exactly ashamed, but it’s definitely not something I’m going to be proclaiming to my parents anytime soon. That is…unless they’re reading this. In which case, “Hey mom!” I mean, when you’re a college student involved in 37 activities at any given time, or a recent graduate burning the midnight oil to pay the dues that are required to move up that ever-extending career ladder, something has got to give. Sometimes that happens to be giving up any viable resource for meeting people outside of your immediate friend group. I’m not going to lie and say that each and every experience on Tinder has been wonderful and has me picking out wedding colors, however, it has given me a fresher perspective on the options out there for single girls living in secluded college towns. (Yes, those exist.)

Whether you decide to give the app a chance or not, don’t knock it. It obviously has a place for some people. (It claims to have brought 1 billion “matches” to lonely singles, worldwide!)

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.