by Cait



This weekend I was lucky enough to spend Easter Sunday with my family. We had plenty of coffee and newspapers to peruse after Mass and a beautiful day to watch the little girls find their Easter surprises. It was such an idyllic day full of love and laughter, and it put two things into perspective for me.

1. Even if I don’t have a job come May 18th, I will still have these beautiful people surrounding me, and ready to step in and pick me up when I fall. Maybe, at 22, I should be a little more independent, but I don’t really know if it’s a matter of depending on them, as much as their inability to see me fail. Who am I to reject the love of those who care so deeply? I will find success eventually, and I am not ashamed that my family will be by my side each victory and failure along the way.

2. There is nothing so bad in life that cannot be fixed with the laughter of that baby girl in my photo. She has become a daily reminder that life continues on no matter where we all find ourselves. There will always be a new day and a new chance. Giving up is the only thing in life that guarantees failure, everything else is simply a setback.

I know that these two things may not apply to you, and maybe in a year or two they won’t apply to me either, but this weekend they made sense. Of course I’m stressed about finding a job, there is nothing silly about that, but if I let that stress dictate my each and every move, I will never find happiness even after I find a job. It has to be found on my terms, not stress’.

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.