Words are hard… Part 1

by Cait

So, have you ever been in a conversation or discussion where it felt like the vocabulary of one or more parties more than surpassed your own? If there is one thing I have learned through literature classes, it is to not only look up words I do not know, but to also look up their pronunciations. This will not only enable you to sound more intelligent, it will open up a whole lot of doors when it comes to understanding peers, textbooks, politicians, etc.

Emily Dickinson

So with those thoughts in mind, I have decided to start a little series involving new vocab words that don’t necessarily come up every day. This may sound a little like a junior high vocab quiz, but if you want to express yourself articulately it takes a few different words. Plus, sometimes it’s fun to sail your own vocabulary ship above someone else’s sails.

Just don’t become an ass.

Today’s word: Iconoclast

Pronounced — Icon-oh-clast


(We’re going to stick with the more modern definition.)

Merriam Webster definition– 2. A person who attacks settled beliefs or institutions.

Cait definition – someone who criticizes the norm.

Many people used to associate iconoclasm with religion, and the deliberate destruction of a culture’s beliefs. However, iconoclasts have come to mean anyone who criticizes a society’s widely accepted behavior.

Some examples of an iconoclast  in this sense might be Emily Dickinson, Martin Luther King Jr., and perhaps Malcolm X.

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.

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