Happiness, Plotting, and Planning

by Cait

Guys, this has been a fabulous last few days. Simply fabulous. I feel as though I pulled a 180 as far as my outlook, attitude, and fire for living! It’s a most wondrous feeling, and you must try it sometime.

I usually really struggle with the time after Christmas. Until the leaves and grass are green, Cait is blue. I wish it weren’t so, and I have made a sincere effort to combat my feelings, but there they are. That’s why this feeling today, yesterday, and the end of Tuesday is so freaking awesome! (very articulate, I know)

I credit this mood swing to a couple things, not the least of which is the success of my rec volleyball team, we’re downright awful. Well, I guess that’s not true. We aren’t bad when our team actually shows up, but they haven’t been, and therewith comes the awful. Anyways, back to the whole happy thing. Here’s a list of why (I think) I feel so peppy! (yes, peppy!):

1. Tuesday morning I gave a presentation to a business communications class about my job and my journey thus far through life. It was really cool for me because I was just in their seat only months ago, and now I’m talking about my S-U-C-C-E-S-S. Talk about crazy! (and even though some kid fell asleep while I was talking, I think I did okay?) My senior year of college was nothing if not 9 months of pure worry and stress. It’s great to see that all of that handwork in school actually took me somewhere, right??

Well today I received no less (but probably more than) 20 e-mails from the students of said business class saying “thank you.” Now, I know their instructor told them to do this, but still, when you receive dozens of messages with nothing but positive words, you’re going to smile. And that’s what I’ve been doing. :)

2. On Tuesday night, I went to a men’s basketball game. Now, this happens often so that’s really nothing to get all pumped about, but what was different was the fact that I walked right into the Max Jones Field House, found a spot I liked, sat down, took out my camera, and enjoyed myself. The last time I walked into an athletic event (or any event for that matter) and sat for any extended period by myself, was back in high school. This may not sound all that impressive, but I am a pretty self-conscious person when I do anything alone, and I conquered that fear on Tuesday! Yay me!

3. On Wednesday morning I finally had a conversation with a co-worker that needed to happen. And nothing but good came out of it! I had been so stressed out that the guy was going to be irritated or tell me to “piss off”, but no, that he did not do. And now I am on my way to enriching not only professional skills, but that was yet another stressful situation I conquered! Why can’t I seem to remember that nothing is ever as bad as the fear built up in my head?? It’s a good nugget of info to hold onto after all!

4. Wednesday during the day, I could do no wrong at work. Every task sent my way was no problem; I got so much done; I was able to help so many people with their web issues; I didn’t even want to leave at 5! That is how good my work day was. Yeah.

5. I found a new blog to read voraciously! Now this is probably one of the top moments of the week, because the topics of the blog is two things I know plenty about: 20-something year old women & London! It’s all about this woman around my age, who moved to London simply because she wanted a change and she loves the city. Wow. I want that type of determination. Now, a qualifying statement to make here would be that she moved with her long-term boyfriend. She went with a support system. Something I do not have readily available to take with me. HOWEVER! I still want to do this, so last night I started drawing a rough outline of what a move to England would entail, and the list was long. Obviously money, job, and Mowgli are the top issues here, but I have a plan… stay tuned.

In the meantime, know that I am very happy, and still Cait.

P.S. Mowgli is freaking 5 months old! He’s an old man! <3