Thank you.

by Cait

Now I know that every day is a gift from God. Each day that I am able to stay on this earth and breathe air is something to celebrate. However, consistently maintaining that mindset is not always easy. I think that’s what they call “a lack of perspective.” Anyways, I gained a little perspective this weekend. But it wasn’t from something bad happening, which is usually the case when one gains perspective. It was from several fabulous things.

1. My brother received his white coat for med school and is embarking on a journey he has been preparing for his entire life.
2. One of my best friends married the love of her life and I am 100% confident that she has found her soulmate.
3. My very first niece came into this world and is as healthy and beautiful as I could have ever hoped.

I received the gift of having wonderful people in my life, and they all let me share in some of their most special moments. That’s incredible. Friends and family, they’re freaking great. Love is a beautiful thing, and I have been blessed with an abundance of it, from all corners of my life. Thank you, God. So much.

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.