Megyn Kelly is cool.

by Cait

Read this.

Why I like Megyn Kelly:

I think her self-deprecation, while maybe a little canned, is for the most part, genuine. I appreciate the fact that she doesn’t embrace calling herself a feminist. She acknowledges the need for maternity leave, but also acknowledges that women can’t necessarily expect promotions after being gone for three months with their child. Sacrifices are made in the game of Life. As individuals, we have to choose what is central to our happiness, and to some that’s a child, and to others it’s ensuring that they can be the breadwinner.

I like that she doesn’t open her opinions on every topic up for discussion. I like that some items are sacred, and, in my opinion, her choices don’t need to be examined. I am the same way. I don’t think that everyone needs to know how I feel about every topic. (Not that anyone cares, but anyway…)

Her knowledge of so many topics, from pop culture to political candidates, inspires me to be more rounded. I want to be informed, and her attitude inspires me to work harder at that.

The way she will stop interviewees when they delve into unfamiliar territory is refreshing. No, surprisingly, the American public doesn’t know the name of every city that a major occurrence is happening in, nor do they know the “key players” who were there. I know, nuts! She acknowledges the layman, and works to keep interviews relevant to all who are reasonably informed.

Mostly, Megyn makes me think it’s okay to ask questions, and to keep things to yourself when you don’t actually want to share them with people. She makes being an interesting woman seem more attainable. Sure, she knows more about political candidates, economic issues, foreign policy, etc. than I could probably ever hope to know, but at least I feel like I can participate when these topics come up, when I have knowledge and an opinion to share.

Don’t sit back and be a piece of driftwood. This is an election year, and we can’t afford to be ignorant. Take a bit of Miss Kelly’s fire, and use it to improve the state of our country, especially if you’re disgruntled about the way Washington is running it into the ground.*

*I never said this was an unbiased blog!

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.