Food for Thought

by Cait

I think at some point every girl wishes she had been born a guy. It’s just the nature of our species. We create crap that doesn’t exist, and then proceed to freak out and stress over the minute details of the said fake situation. It’s a little harrowing. Now I like to think of myself as one of the more rational ones, but when you look at how crazy women can become I guess that isn’t saying too much. 

It’s just a little daunting at times when you think about all the things that women are asked to live up to, and despite the fact that those imaginary  “rules” and “guidelines” are just that, IMAGINARY, it is still scary! I mean, I know that caring about societal norms and expectations is not only stupid of us, but a little sickening as well, but can we help it when we’re brought up in an environment that breeds weight-obsessed freaks? There are commercials and songs and movies and every form of pop culture imaginable that distributes the idea of what beauty is. How sick is that? If we’re encouraged to be original and unique individuals then why are we all expected to conform to this image? I’m beyond exhausted with being pitied/expected-to-change-because-it’s-what-would-make-me-happy-according-to-some-ill-informed-reader-of-crappy-magazines. I just want to look the way I like to look and have that be okay with the world. OR even better, have the world not care about how I look. 

Mind your own and I’ll mind mine.

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.