You know what’s weird?

by Cait

Time Zones.

I fully understand their necessity in our lives, truly I do, but they do seem to make life a little inconvenient at times. Did you know that there is only one time zone in China? Seems to me they’re onto something…

The reason I hold these angry feelings towards time zones is because for about 2 years, I was not in the right one. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Time Zones are a neutral topic in our lives, similar to postage stamps.

However, on this point I’d have to respectfully disagree. The reason being, all that I loved was NOT in Mountain Time. Family, friends, favorite vacation spots, etc. I’m not saying that say, Central Time, is the zone to be in. Far from it, what I’m saying is I think it’s ridiculous that an arbitrary commodity like time has such a command over our lives and how they’re lived. amirite?

Humans love to have their measurements. Seriously, we quantify all that we possibly can, and lament that which we cannot count. As a self-proclaimed linear thinker who appreciates when things “add up,” I cannot tell you how it irks me to admit this, but time just needs to go. Seconds, hours, months, decades, etc. etc. are just not something we need in our lives. Admittedly, birthdays are a great “time perk,” but just think of a world without time.

We all just went about our days according to the level of the sun, meals, or some other way to break up a day. Can you even imagine how people would make a simple resume´?

Interviewer: “How much experience do you have?”

Interviewee: “Well, I’ve been at Phizer for 7 solar cycles, so…you do the math.”

Weird, right?

Maybe what I’m after is a complete abandonment of the idea of tracking the length of things. Sometimes you just need to lose yourself in the experiences or the parts of life that don’t require an alert of how long something has been happening.

For things like work, I’m all about having a clock in and out time. I definitely don’t want to work all night and while I like my job, I like going home at the end of the day. It’s more like, age, anniversaries, etc. that don’t need tracking. Why do we need to be so aware of how long we’ve been here or been married or…you get the picture.

All I’m saying is, time is stupid, and so are the “zones” that keep track of where hte hands on the clock should go.

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.