The second gig.

by Cait

As I’ve given all of the details of the changes I’ve gone through in some recent posts, I’d like to dedicate this one to chatting about one of the reasons behind my move: a job.

To quote a great man:

“It’s great having a job, isn’t it?” – Marc Ziegler

I’d have to agree. (Although sometimes it’s tempting to to forego the whole shebang and just…what? Be a societal burden? On second thought…) Yes, I definitely agree.

My first post-grad job was, I kid you not, the exact position I dreamed of having while I was treading through the horrendous experience of collegiate job hunting. (Though maybe not my dream location…) Basically when you have no experience (intern or otherwise) and no professional connections, you’re going to struggle. And that’s exactly what I did. Until after applying for over a hundred positions, I finally landed my first real “job.”

That job got my foot in the door of professional work experience, and for that I am eternally grateful. I got to do graphic design, copywriting, press releases, radio advertisements, billboard design, and a lot of other stuff too. (I’m just not willing to post my resume in this post, so take my word for it that I did a lot of different crap.)

While I went to college for business (with an English minor!) I didn’t really utilize what I learned while pursuing my three majors. I ended up using, what I now fully believe to be the point of college, situational adapting skills a.k.a. bullshitting.

You don’t go to college to learn exactly what your major curriculum is, and nothing else. You go to learn how to problem solve. You learn how to get stuff done even when there are 5,909,234,390 other things you’d rather do. You learn how to manage difficult relationships when you’re forced in a group project with difficult people. (You’re also forced to self-examine and figure out if you’re the difficult person.)

Just as it’s somewhat of a wake-up call when you realize that you probably aren’t going to utilize most of your “major” skills after you start a new job, I was a fool to think all of the skills I had learned to use at my first job, would be the only ones I’d use at my new job in Lawrence. And maybe that’s not exactly what I thought, but I did hope they would line up a little bit more.

Like I mentioned, my first job involved creating content. That’s basically ALL I did. The marketing aspect was virtually non-existent. When I got to Lawrence, I realized that content creation was no longer my main goal, but rather analyzing how our content is doing would be my main objective. I have had to change my mindset about what my role is at work, and that’s no easy task. I was comfortable with what was asked of me in my first job, and now I feel like I have to deal with all of the same anxieties I had when I started my last job. All the while my inner monologue is screaming at me: “Haven’t we already gone through this? I thought this crap was over and done? When can I relax?”

Yeah, just a teeny bit scary.

However, I think this is all related to the change I’ve been talking about. Every new thing in my life these past couple months has lead me to a mentally exhausted state. However, I can tell that this isn’t having an adverse affect on me. The main downside I see is a lack of interest in going out. I find that my days at work all but strip me of my ability to be productive when I’m out of the office. While my job isn’t exactly “active” it certainly, “takes it out of me” by the end of the day. I know that feeling will ebb as I find routine within my new life here, but as of now, I’m enjoying a lack of hangovers.

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.