Can’t sleep.

by Cait

I posted this piece of writing on my Facebook page a few weeks ago. Maybe you saw it, maybe this is your first read. I can honestly say I struggled with posting it on my wall. I love writing, but I’m not comfortable creating waves when it comes to divisive topics. I have friends on many sides of most issues, and because of that, I try to empathize with their various perspectives. Not a one is always right, but nor are they always wrong. Mostly, they are people who are living their lives (just like me) in the hopes that good things come their way, and the bad days don’t outnumber the happy.

What else can you hope for?

So, here it is. My thoughts on all this pain, and what we, as individuals, can do to make the world a little bit more loving and open-minded when it comes to people who don’t fit our definition as normal.

“It pains me and, quite literally, keeps me up at night to see so many of my friends torn apart by what’s happening around our country. There is a problem, and the solution is never simple when it involves millions of people. You have different backgrounds and cultures and religions and the list goes on, but what can’t go on?


Don’t spread hate or fear when you’re angry and don’t spread a hashtag because you think it’ll solve a problem that’s gone on since the dawn of time. If it was as simple as a “trending” hashtag, it would be solved. There are good intentions behind the BLM hashtag, but that’s not enough. If it helps you feel vindicated, by all means, tweet your (hopefully, helpful) thought into the world, but also put something behind it. Teach. Love. Speak, but please do not yell at those who don’t understand you.

If I don’t understand your language does it help for you to get louder?

Act. Show. Be, who you want your peers to be. They’ll see you. They’ll get it. However, don’t mistake peacefulness for an excuse to be passive. Educate yourself and others as best you can and don’t be blind to someone’s pain simply because it isn’t yours. Empathy is a beautiful thing.

Also, keep in mind that with our informationally ladened world, there are HUNDREDS, if not thousands, of outlets to get your news, (and even more opinions on which one is correct.) If someone sees something differently than you do, I would be willing to bet they heard the story from somewhere other than you.

It’s a long road to peace, and it’s not going to be solved today by more violence and more dissection of colors. You control you. That’s it, so do what YOU can do, and see what happens.”

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.