by Cait

Remember how I moved?

If not, you’re really behind on my life, come on, what have you even been doing? Keep up!

Anywho, I moved this year. I got a new job and made the leap to a different place and comfort zone if I’m being honest.

This all stemmed from a fear of being stagnant. I woke up on New Year’s Day 2016, and realized that I hadn’t really made any forward motion in the past year.

And it scared me.

So what did I do? I made a change. I did what I set out to do too! I had success in my goal setting, and it felt so good.

But then, I started to feel the fear of not making enough forward motion again. It was frustrating. I thought, “Wasn’t moving supposed to cure that feeling??”

A wise man, named Seth Godin, recently pointed out the way our society is focused on the transitions in life. A new job, starting a new business, a wedding, graduation, etc.

We think of these changes as the be all end all, and isn’t that silly?

I mean, when you really think about it, the ceremony of anything is so short. The middle is what we should be focused on, the meat of things.

A graduation is just a testament to your hard work, but if you didn’t really try your best, skated through on shoddy work and the path of least resistance, what are we celebrating? Your ability to spend tens of thousands of dollars on an education that isn’t doing anyone, any good?

Not trying to be a Debbie Downer, but I think it’s something to consider.

The next time you’re pumped to humblebrag about an “accomplishment” stop, and decide whether you deserve the recognition.

Don’t toot your horn before you’re in the band, yo.

Until next time or not, I’m still Cait.