IMG_7666My name is Caitlyn and I am 24 years old. I have lived in Kansas for all of those 24 years, minus 4 months for when I was exploring Europe, mostly London, England.

Moving right along…Some of my favorite things include: popcorn, new socks, my pooch, red beers, walking in the rain, Rhapsody in Blue, and a good book.

I’m slowly figuring out the direction of my life and trying to find joy in every minute. I love to have chats with my friends and to go on bike rides (running is to be avoided on most occasions, unless a celebrity has been sighted, in which case an exception can be made.)

I recently discovered/admitted that I am incapable of picking my favorite anything because I haven’t seen/tried/had everything. I guess the closest I could get at this time is saying navy blue is my favorite color. (That’s only because I recently discovered that about 50% of my closet is made of it. Oops.)

I live each day with as little structure as possible. Call me Cait.