I'm doing what I think I ought with resources that are fewer than naught.

Can’t sleep.

I posted this piece of writing on my Facebook page a few weeks ago. Maybe you saw it, maybe this is your first read. I can honestly say I struggled with posting it on my wall. I love writing, but I’m not comfortable creating waves when it comes to divisive topics. I have friends on many sides of most issues, and because of that, I try to empathize with their various perspectives. Not a one is always right, but nor are they always wrong. Mostly, they are people who are living their lives (just like me) in the hopes that good things come their way, and the bad days don’t outnumber the happy.

What else can you hope for?

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The second gig.

As I’ve given all of the details of the changes I’ve gone through in some recent posts, I’d like to dedicate this one to chatting about one of the reasons behind my move: a job.

To quote a great man:

“It’s great having a job, isn’t it?” – Marc Ziegler

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I think I’ve been in love before. It wasn’t sudden. It wasn’t obvious. It was…real. That’s the word that comes to mind, along with frustrating. He was from a different world, and everything about him screamed “I’m not from around here.” I pushed him away right from the start, and before I realized I needed him, he realized he didn’t need me. Well, he didn’t need my crap at least.

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You know what’s weird?

Time Zones.

I fully understand their necessity in our lives, truly I do, but they do seem to make life a little inconvenient at times. Did you know that there is only one time zone in China? Seems to me they’re onto something…

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Food for Thought

I think at some point every girl wishes she had been born a guy. It’s just the nature of our species. We create crap that doesn’t exist, and then proceed to freak out and stress over the minute details of the said fake situation. It’s a little harrowing. Now I like to think of myself as one of the more rational ones, but when you look at how crazy women can become I guess that isn’t saying too much. 

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